Data Backup Policy & Restoration

Data backup policy will covers all 3CLOUDS products and services and applied to all 3CLOUDS customers/users.

1. We took daily automatic backups for all web hosting accounts. The automatic backups comes at no additional costs with the below services only:

  • a) BASIC CLOUD (All Locations)
  • b) STANDARD CLOUD (All Locations)
  • c) PREMIUM CLOUD (All Locations)
  • d) ENTERPRISE CLOUD (All Locations)
  • e) RESELLER START (All Locations)
  • f) RESELLER PLUS (All Locations)
  • g) RESELLER PRO (All Locations)
  • h) BUSINESS START (All Locations)
  • i) BUSINESS PLUS (All Locations)
  • j) BUSINESS PRO (All Locations)

2. Services which doesn’t included automatic daily backups are, any types of Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and all others services except listed on no 1.

3. Application we use for backup is JetBackup.

4. Daily backups are taken to offsite data centers. Such as If we have servers with a data center, we keep the backup on a different data center for security purposes.

5. Backups are taken with one full backup, and incremental basis. It’s mean, 3CLOUDS only take backup of the changes a user made after the last backup.

6. The backup retention is  30. Mean we keep upto 30 days backup. The old backups which is more than 30 days, is deleted from the backup server automatically.

7. Suspended accounts are not backed up until it active.

8. Backups we take:

  • Your entire home directory.
  • Your entire emails
  • Databases with users
  • Cron jobs (if you have any)
  • DNS Zones
  • SSL Certificates
  • FTP Details

9. The below files and folder types are excluded from the backup process:

  • zip, tar, gz files
  • logs files if any
  • cache files if any
  • /public_html/cache folder if any
  • .sql file in your home directory

10. The backups will be automatically deleted from the server after 30 days of account termination.  (See our TOS no 5 for more information of account termination)

11. Backups are taken everyday after 1 AM IST.

Backup restoration:

1. All user can access the backups from their control panel’s JetBackup plugin.

2. Users can download the backup or restore a single file or entire directory.

3. Users are not allowed to download/restore the backup more than twice in a 24 hours time frame.


No guarantee of a digital assets or backups are 100% proof or secure in case of any disaster. Users are advised always keep your own backup and download them to your local computer.


The automatic daily backups & restore for the services (mentioned on point 1) are completely free of charge.

If a user hosting service is terminated and want to resume the service after the termination. We will charge ₹1000 + GST to restore its data. (the restoration is only possible if the backups are still available after service termination)