How To Manually Reset WordPress Admin Password?

In today’s article we will tell you about an important thing – how to manually reset the WordPress administrator password yourself, using the phpMyAdmin database.

Manually Reset WordPress Admin Password

If, for some reason you forgot your password. So, we recommend this little guide. First, we use the standard methods that WordPress itself offers. To do this, we follow a special link by which we usually enter the admin panel

Next, you need to enter your email address that you specified when creating your website.

Then you will receive a email from WordPress in your mail stating that you are someone trying to reset the password from your site and offers a link below.

Follow this link and this is what we will see.

The system automatically offers us a more complex password, we can replace it with our own and click on the button to set a password. Excellent! Now we have changed the password and can log in with the new data.


And now let’s analyze another situation. When you do not remember the email address and even more so the password.

We need to go through the hosting panel to the MySql database in phpMyAdmin and go to the table called wp_users. See example below:

Click and go inside this table. Then, with a tick in the checkbox, mark a single line and click on the pencil icon for editing.

The password from our admin panel in phpMyAdmin is protected using MD5 encoding, so instead of your password you will see a small gibberish of symbols. Everything is simple here, erase this coded password and enter your new password.

Wow! Now we have learned one little trick and trick that will allow you to easily change, reset your WordPress admin password through the phpMyAdmin system.

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