Install Wordpress Using cPanel

Installing wordpress is very easy in our cpanel.

Step-1: Login to your account.

Step-2: Go to cpanel.

Step-3: In cpanel find Softaculous or WordPress. And click on it.

Step-4: On the next page you find wordpress. Click on install.

Step-5: Select Domain where you want to install wordpress.

Step-6: Select http://

Step-7: Choose your WordPress Directory. Make it null(empty) to install under main domain. or type a directory name where you want to install wordpress.

Step-8: Type admin username.

Step-9: Type admin password. (Type a strong password)

Step-10: Type admin email address. The main email address where your all wordpress notification will send and use for your password recovery.

Step-11: Leave others settings as it is.

Step-12: At the below you find Install option. Click on it.

Wait a moment. You see a success message. Your wordpress installed successfully.

Now your admin page look like this:

Use your admin username and password to login to wordpress.

After successful login you get into wordpress dashboard. Here you can create posts, pages and more.

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