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Types of Web Hosting we provide

Web Hosting

Looking for budget hosting? Do not want to spend more? These package is for you! Get everything you need to start a website in very affordable price.

Price Starts ₹60/month 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting is far better than any general web hosting in terms of security and reliability. Get Cloud Hosting in the price of Shared Hosting.

Price Starts ₹200/month

Business Hosting

With huge RAM, CPU and complete website protection. Suitable for high traffic or heavy websites such as News Portal, Business websites, e-Commerce etc.

Price Starts ₹750/month

Reseller Hosting

SSD boosted hardisks. 1 CPU + 1 GB RAM + 30 EP + 2 Mbps I/O per cPanel account. No backups & Imunify360.

Price Starts ₹450/month

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Daily Backups + Imunify360 ultimate security. Fast NVMe SSD with 1 CPU + 2 GB RAM + 50 EP + 5 Mbps I/O per cPanel account.

Price Starts ₹720/month

VPS Hosting

High availability virtual private server, upto 60GB RAM, 10 CORE CPU, 1600 GB SSD and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Price Starts ₹1250/month

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