Hosting with Lifetime Free Domain

  • Free: Getting bored to pay for your domain? 3CLOUDS provides free lifetime domain with ENTERPRISE & BUSINESS Hosting. Yes, it's true!
  • No Renewal Charges: You don't have to renew your domain. We will renew your domain each year till you keep your hosting with us.
  • Choose From Premium Domains: Choose from most popular .COM, .XYZ, .IN, .CO.IN extensions.
  • Great Savings: When you buy a domain you have to renew each year. It cost around 600 to 800 per year. With 3CLOUDS you don't have to pay for your domain ever! It will save upto ₹800/year ($13/year)!
  • Who Get This Offer: Every new customers of ENTERPRISE and BUSINESS Hosting will be eligible for this offers. During signup register or transfer your domain for free!
lifetime free domain

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Q. What does it mean "Lifetime"?

A. It means till you keep your hosting with us, we will pay for your domain!

Q. Which Domains do you Provide?

A. .COM, .IN, .XYZ and .CO.IN domains are available to get free for lifetime!

Q. What if I transfer My Hosting and Domain?

A. If you transfer your Hosting/Domain to others, we don't pay for your domain. You have to renew your domain from your new provider, and they will charge as per their domain price.

Q. I Already Bought a Domain from other provider. Can I get the offer on that domain?

A. Yes. Buy our ENTERPRISE or BUSINESS Hosting and transfer the domain to us. The transfer is free and renewal is also free!

Q. I am a Free Trial Customer. Can I get the Lifetime Free Domain?

A. No. Existing customers including free are not eligible for Lifetime Free Domain.

Q. I want to Upgrade my Hosting to ENTERPRISE/BUSINESS, can I get that Free Lifetime Domain Offer?

A. No. The offer is for fresh and new registrations only. Once you registered you cannot claim your free domain!