How Google’s Recent Changes Affect You

Google declare that, they will mark websites as "not secure" which doesn't have an SSL certificate. So, if your website marked as "not secure" people will not trust your business or brand.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will affects on your website if it is not secure. Google will rank websitess without SSL certificate lower on the search result page.

Check Google's Blog Here.

What you get with SSL Certificate?

The Green Lock

Your website will shows the green lock with secure mark on all web browsers. Your visitors trust you about their data safety.

Better Google Ranking

Google always encourage website owners to use SSL certificate for their websites. Google loves SSL and it helps for better SEO.

Protect Sensitive Data

SSL certificate encrypts all the data a user provide through your website, such as email, phone, passwords, card info etc.

Free SSL Certificate FAQ

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL full form is Secure Sockets Layer. Does it sounds complex to you right? But this is very important to everyone. This is a methods which establish a secure encrypted connection between your browser and server. All the information (email, passwords, credit card information and other details) shared through SSL will encrypted. If a website use SSL certificate, the website will use https instead of http.

What are the benefits of having SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate encrypts your data with 256 bit encryption. So, it protects your data from hackers and others fraudsters. Google also notified that, they will mark all non SSL website as "not secure", which will harm your business reputation. Having SSL helps your SEO ranking as Google always love websites with SSL Certificates.

Who Provides this free SSL Certificate?

The SSL is provided by Let's Encrypt which is running by ISRG (Internet Security Research Group). Big companies such as Mozilla, Google is the backbone of ISRG. Which have a mission to protect all the websites with secure connection through SSL Certificate.

What are the price for SSL Certificates?

As we told that, this SSL is free with PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and BUSINESS hosting customers. This is totally free for all of your websites under your cpanel. We'll never charge you for that.

What are the Renewal Charges for SSL?

Absolutely free! There are no renewal charges for the SSL Certificates.

Does it require any IP Address?

No. You do not need any IP address for the SSL Certificates.

What is WildCard SSL?

Wildcard SSL is for sub-domains. You have to install the SSL certificate to wildcard domain (* When you install the SSL on the wildcard domain it will cover any sub-domains under your domain name such as, etc.

Do you Provide Wildcard SSL? What is the Price?

Yes, we also provide wildcard SSL and it is absolutely free of cost and there is no renewal charges.

How to Install SSL Certificate to my Domain?

Installing SSL Certificate is very easy through cpanel. It needs just 2 mins for the whole process. Please check this tutorial for installing SSL.