Cheap Business Hosting Price

Fixed price. No surprise, no sneaky options!

Note: Free domain should register during order place. After order placed it will not provided. No free domains will provide during upgrades.

Lifetime Free Domain

Host 2 Websites

100% Speed (1 CORE)


Entry Process 30


5GB Fast SSD with Raid 10

Varnish + LiteSpeed API

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited SSL Certificates

Daily Backups (Upto 30 days)

Free Domain for Lifetime

₹6000 Buy Yearly @₹500/month
Renewal ₹6000 @₹500/month + Lifetime Free Domain

Lifetime Free Domain

Host 10 Websites

200% Speed (2 CORE CPU)


Entry Process 50


30 GB Fast SSD with Raid 10

Varnish + LiteSpeed API

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited Databases

Unlimited SSL Certificates

Daily Backups (Upto 30 days)

Free Domain for Lifetime

₹12000 Buy Yearly @₹1000/month
Renewal ₹12000 @₹1000/month + Lifetime Free Domain

Business Hosting with free cPanel


Business Web Hosting with Cloud Server. Here we are providing industry leading control panel to manage your websites easily. With cPanel you can manage your website from any device! All the features are equipped with our latest cPanel. Take a look on the demo below!

Check cPanel Demo 

Business Hosting Features

Fully Cloud Infrastructure for your Business. Get Cloud Web Hosting and supercharge your business. The technology behind the business hosting is more advanced than any other hosting provider. Get LiteSpeed API with Varnish cache for best performance.

Dedicated Resources

All our Business Hosting comes with highly dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, disk, Speed, I/O and more. All the resources are reserved for you.

Fast SSD with Raid 10

This Business Hosting equipped with superfast SSD disks on RAID 10 instead of raid 1. It will improve read/write speed of your website data and files.

CloudLinux OS

Powered by CloudLinux premium OS which is more secure and stable than any other free operating systems. With Cloudlinux CageFS your files are secure.

Varnish Cache

We use Varnish cache for faster content delivery. Your static files such as html, JS, css will load faster than ever. All files are auto optimized.

LiteSpeed API

LiteSpeed Mod Lsapi is the new technology to process php requests. It is stable and fster than PHP-FPM or PHP-CGI. Your WordPress will runs faster.

Imunify360 Security

Your website is fully secure with us. Imunify360 scans your all files including mails and automatically remove all the malwares. More secure environment!

Unlimited Bandwidth

With 1 GBPS internet connection, All our hosting package provides unconditional unmetered bandwidth. Now you do not have to worry about visitors!

Free Daily Backups

Our offsite backup system take backup of your entire cpanel. You can restore the backups anytime you want. Even, you can restore a single files too.

Free SSL Certificates

Get unlimited numbers of SSL certificates for your every domain hosted with us. All SSL is 256bit stranded encryption. No extra cost for SSL certificates.

Same Renewal Price

Many providers hikes renewal price more than 400%. But our price structure is transparent as you see on our website. There are no price hikes while renew.

Moneyback Guarantee

Get benefits of 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee with all hosting packages. If you do not satisfied with our service, we will refund your money!

24x7 Premium Support

Get 24x7 Premium support with our hosting experts. No matter what time is it, we are always here to help you with your website issues.

Cloud Web Hosting FAQs

Q. What is Web Hosting or Website Hosting?
Ans. Web Hosting or Website Hosting is a service where an individual person or a company or any organisation can post or publish a website to the world wide web (www). A Web Hosting provider or company provides a space on the server where you can store your website files; such as, photos, videos, information etc. It will connect your domain name to the hosting server. When someone click on your domain name they will see the information and media files you stored on the server. Read More Here
Q. Why should I choose your Business Hosting?

Ans: Because our Business Cloud Hosting gives your websites more power. You will get more RAM, CPU to speed up your website. You can host large websites with high bandwidth. Also you will get one domain is free for lifetime!

Q. What is Cloud Hosting? Why It is different from others?

Ans: Ans: Cloud Hosting is a completely new type of hosting where you'll get more reliability and speed than usual shared hosting. A cloud hosting is 10x faster than usual shared hosting. Check here for more details.

Q. Do you provide free SSL certificates?
Ans: Yes. We provide free Let's Encrypt 256-bit SSL for all our PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and BUSINESS Hosting customers. You can easily install it through your cPanel options and secure your website with data encryption. Read more about SSL.
Q. Do you provide free drag and drop website builder?
Ans: Yes. We provide free Drag and Drop website builder to our PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and BUSINESS Hosting customers. You can create your website easily from your cPanel. You don't need any coding knowledge. Read more about website builder.
Q. Do you support apps like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart etc?
Ans: Yes, we support more than 400 application with one click installer. You can install any apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc within a click. Check here our support applications with one click installer.
Q. Do I need to pay for backups?
Ans: Absolutely no! Many provider charge for backup but the backup is free for PREMIUM, ENTERPRISE and BUSINESS hosting customers. Automatic backup and one click restore is available with us.
Q. What are the payment methods?
Ans: We accept all types of Debit/Credit cards, Net Banking, Wallet, paytm, Paypal (for foreign customers) and Direct Bank Deposit. If you want to pay directly to bank by NEFT please check our payment methods for the bank details.
Q. Is there any money back guarantee?
Ans: Yes. We provide 30 days money back guarantee to all new customers. If you don't like our service, request a refund within 30 days and we will refund you! Upgrading from free trial will not eligible for refund! Read more about our refund policy.
Q. What if I failed to pay? Do you delete my account?
Ans: Nope. If you failed to pay or your invoice is over due, the service will be unavailable after 3 days. You will get 20 days for payment and resume your service. After 20 days of no payments your service will be terminated and files will be deleted from the server to free space for others. If you need more time for payments, please let us know by submit a ticket about your problem.
Q. Is there any hidden fees?
Ans: Absolutely not. There is no hidden fees at all. All our service are listed on website and all the price are shown also.
Q. Do your price hikes while I renew service?
Ans: Absolutely not. Our price are fully transparent and shown on our website. All the price are regular price which is shown and you have to renew with the same regular price you signed up for.
Q. What will happen if I don't upgrade within free trial?
Ans: If you don't upgrade within 30 days, your service will be terminated automatically, and you'll lose your all data. We don't monitors trial accounts. If you want to keep your data you have to upgrade to any packages.
Q. Can I get any offers when upgrade from free trial?
Ans: No. Actually the offer is valid for the new customers only. You don't get free domain or discount benefits when upgrade. If you need something like that, please contact to sales department through ticket.
Q. I have a website. Can you help me to transfer it to your hosting?
Ans: Yes. We will help you to transfer your website smoothly. You can do it yourself through our Tutorial. Or you can contact us by submit a ticket and we will do that for you. We provide fully migration for no cost! Fully free migration.