SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It is very important to those who are accepting payments through their websites. Because SSL encrypt all the data that no one can access it. Before you go to install please read this article.

What is SSL? Is it Important?

Install Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate from cPanel.

Step-1: FIrst Login to Cpanel

Step-2: Type SSL at the top bar of cPanel. if you using old version of cpanel then search for Let’s Encrypt SSL plugin and click that.

install lets encrypt ssl certificate

Step-3: Now select choose your domain and click “Issue”.

install lets encrypt ssl certificate

Step-4: Manage options. Check “Install mail SMTPS/POP3S/IMAPS SSL Certificates” at the below.

Step-5: Now click “Issue” to install it.

Wait a moment, it takes some time to install. When it finished you’ll see a success message. Click go back when you see the success message. It will take you to the main page of let’s Encrypt. Where you can see the SSL Certificate is issued for your domain. You can see the expiry date of your SSL certificate. When it expired you can issue again for your domain. It is fully free for everyone.