Web Hosting or Website Hosting is very popular today. Everyone knows the term but they don’t know what is that and how did this help people all over the world.

So What is Basically Web Hosting or Website Hosting?

Web Hosting or Website Hosting is a service where an individual person or a company or any organization can post or publish a website to the world wide web (www). A Web Hosting provider or company provides a space on the server where you can store your website files; such as, photos, videos, information etc. It will connect your domain name to the hosting server. When someone click on your domain name they will see the information and media files you stored on the server.

How Website or Web Hosting Help Your Business?

Through web hosting you can create a website for your business. Your website is the main key factor to gain users or visitors.

  • You will get worldwide visitors through your website.
  • When you sleep your website still works for you. A website is always online and promote your business 24×7. So no matter you are in work or not, it will work for you.
  • It makes trust for your business. Today everyone search in the web. If someone heard about your company or business, first of all they will search on google about your company. If they finds your website they will be happy and you will gain their trust.

Types of Web Hosting

There is many types of web hosting available in the market.

  • Shared hosting: When a single server share all the resources with others on the server, it called shared hosting. In this server provider hosts many websites and all the websites use the server RAM, Space, CPU and all the resources. Shared Hosting is the most popular because it is cheap and offers various service. Shared Hosting is good for small websites.
  • Reseller Hosting: Reseller Hosting is a type of shared web hosting with extra features. It offers a super admin who can create sub accounts for their clients. If you want to start web hosting business you should choose a reseller hosting first. All the developers who hosts their clients website they should choose reseller hosting to host all website with individual cpanel.
  • VPS Hosting: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a mini server which is a small part of a big server. A VPS Hosting is suitable for high-end websites such as News portal. It has dedicated RAM, Space and Bandwidth. But it is also shared because it shared the main server resources to every VPS.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated server is the truly dedicated to you. The RAM, Space, Bandwidth and all the resources is dedicated to you only. This is for bigger business or organization such as Big News Portal, Colleges or Educational institute who needs their own server.

Cloud Web Hosting

  • Shared Cloud hosting: Shared Cloud Hosting generally a shared hosting but equipped with latest technology. Cloud Hosting use premium software and technologies which improve your website speed.
  • Private Cloud Hosting: Private Cloud Hosting is like VPS which use Cloud Technology.

Which Web Hosting is good for my business?

If you do not have large websites you should start with Shared Cloud hosting. You will get the cloud technology and the amazing performance for your website.

Things you should consider before buy a Hosting

  1. Is the web hosting company registered with Govt?
  2. Do they provide GST number on their invoice?
  3. Do they provide free SSL? Because many companies sell SSL certificates to users, which is generally free!
  4. Do they provides free backups? Many companies provide backups but they charge a lot of money for it.
  5. If they provide website builders, can you access the source code of your websites? Many hosting companies provide website builder, but they do not permit you to access your website code. Hence, you are locked with them, if you transfer your website to new company they will not provide the code and you have to build the website from scratch.
  6. Ask them what is the renewal cost. Because many companies has higher renewal cost which is 2 or 3 times higher than the price shows on the website.