Storage Cloud

Backup your files, photos or videos automatically. Access from mobile, pc or browser anywhere anytime. Add users, family members, friends under your account and provide space.

Only ₹75 /month

Storage Cloud Plans

Storage Cloud allows you to save data and files in an off-site location that you access through an internet connection. You can add users or family members to your storage and provide them space. Every user can login separately to their account and upload data. You can access data from mobile, pc or from a browser anywhere anytime. For white-label solution, choose Dedicated plans. 

Shared Storage Cloud for Personal usage. Take automatic backup of your photos and videos from Mobile & Desktop. Add friends or family to Storage Cloud and allocate storage to them.

100 GB

Pay yearly
price excluding GST

250 GB

Pay yearly
price excluding GST

1000 GB

Pay yearly
price excluding GST

Dedicated Storage Cloud for Professionals or Businesses. Fully White-lable access such as storage.yourdomain.com with your own branded logo. Add users to your Storage Cloud and allocate storage to them.

1 TB

Pay yearly
price excluding GST

5 TB

Pay yearly
price excluding GST

10 TB

Pay yearly
price excluding GST

Download NextCloud app and use Cloud Storage at your smartphone.

Why Storage Cloud?


Our Storage Cloud system is super easy to access from anywhere with a network connection. Applications available for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac or even Linux. Easy to setup automatic backup of your photos and videos directly from your phone. Share your files publicly or privately with others.

Multi-user based

Our Storage Cloud platform is multi-user based. Mean you can add your family members, friends or work users and provide them space. Every user can login separately and upload files into their system.


Create user groups, define individual quotas for single users and share files privately or publicly. With dedicated plans, you can manage apps like Contacts, Calendar and Tasks or add more apps.

Storage Cloud Features

You will get best features with 3CLOUDS Cloud storage


Storage Cloud have unlimited internal and external traffic, so you'll have no problem uploading and downloading all your data to and from your Storage Cloud.


You can rest assured that your data is safe. 3CLOUDS RAID-based storage backend and our cluster network of databases make the probability of failure very low. In addition, 3CLOUDS system automatically makes backups of the database and storage backend several times every day.


You can use our Storage Cloud with an unlimited number of users, and put them together into user groups. It's easy to edit documents together with other users, to share documents with your team, or to move documents to other Storage Cloud.

Flexible Access

Our Storage Cloud include a user-friendly web interface. Users always connect to it via HTTPS. Or you can use the Nextcloud apps for iOS and Android, or the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux to access your Storage Share. And WebDAV lets you automate your access to it.


It's easy to customize your Storage Clouds to meet your specific needs and to include the specific features you want. With dedicated plans you can customize the theme to match your corporate identity, integrate your own authentication systems, or add any other apps available in the Nextcloud App Store.


Stay flexible with your Storage Cloud. Regardless of how your requirements change over time, you can upgrade or downgrade your Storage Cloud in a few quick steps and without worrying about data loss.

Quick Setup

The setup for Storage Cloud is a snap using either the app or the web front end and the synchronization client will enable you to automatically synchronize your files from local devices with your Storage Share.

High Availableness

Our team of technicians takes care of the administration of your Storage Cloud for you. Our highly optimized and automated systems monitor them around the clock and install the latest updates.

Data Protection

We ensure high level of data protection.All our locations observe state-of-art physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Storage Cloud FAQs

All provider provides Storage service for single user only. You will be charged for additional users. Where Storage Cloud is multi-user based, and built-with open-source platform NextCloud. Each plan has ability to add multiple users under your account with different space. 

Our dedicated plan is fully white-label, you can sell storage to other users or allocate to your employees under your own brand.

No. We do not offer free trial for Storage Cloud. However, please contact us and we will make an arrangement for trial.

If you are our web hosting user, and purchase hosting for a year or more, you will have a Storage Cloud plan upto 50 GB.

Our Hosting users, who bought for a year or more will get upto 50 GB Storage Cloud for free of cost. The plan will be activated till their hosting account is active. If their hosting account closed, your Storage Cloud plans will be terminated and all the data will be removed from the server. 

The Storage Cloud file system can tolerate several simultaneous drive failures. As soon as we detect any irregulars with our drives, we will exchange them immediately, thereby further decreasing the chance of failure to a very low level.

In addition, our Storage Cloud file system checks the integrity of the data using checksums and automatically corrects errors. We’ve created high-availability cluster for the instance databases, making the chances of a complete failure very minimal. A backup is also performed automatically several times a day. Finally, if you choose to synchronize your Storage Cloud data with your own computer or device using client software, you will have an additional copy of your data.

You can upload any kinds of data such as, photos, videos, music, docs and other types of files. There are no restrictions on the types of data.

You can upload any kinds of data such as, photos, videos, music, docs and other types of files. There are no restrictions on the types of data.

We maintain law with Indian IT Act 2000. If your adult contents are okay with the law we do not have any issues. 

Yes, you can easily add users such as your family members, friends or employees to your Storage Cloud and allocate their personal storage. They can login to their account individually and use their space.

There are no restrictions on the user limits. 

Yes, with Dedicated plans you can customize  it easily. You can have your own login link such as: storage.yourdomain.com. You can setup your own company logo.

Yes, our Storage Cloud backups your photos and videos automatically through app. You can use them and share them with anyone.

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