3CLOUDS Technology

At 3CLOUDS we have the technology to ensure a sound, stable basis for your Web Hosting account

Save money and get best technologies when you choose 3CLOUDS

The Technology behind 3CLOUDS

AMD & Intel CPU's

We custom build our own servers from the highest quality components, selecting the best of every element to produce a reliable web hosting platform for our customers sites.

In 2016 we switched from Intel to AMD’s amazing EPYC range of processors, with a minimum of 32 logical cores per server. We’ve been amazed by the blistering performance and I/O throughput of this platform.

Samsung SSD

Reliable storage is vital to the running of high availability computer systems. Samsung Enterprise drives provide our customers with the highest possible quality disk space for their Web Hosting.

We use a combination of mechanical and solid state drives in our high performance web servers for high speed, energy efficiency and low failure rates.


Our server chassis and mainboards are manufactured by DELL. We have been using their components exclusively for over nine years due to their outstanding price / performance ratio and extremely high reliability.

DELL based servers are also very energy efficient. providing best speed technology.

How We Differ

Many other low cost web hosts maximise their profits by using cheap hardware and components that might be found in home computers rather than servers.

We know that availability is important to our customers, so we have built our infrastructure without cutting any corners or compromising on quality. This is reflected in the very low failure rates of our servers.

3CLOUDS Hosting Features

Cloud Hosting Technology

Get cloud hosting technology for your website with best web hosting. Experience secure, reliable and speedy web hosting.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Where other provider use free open-source web server, we implemented LiteSpeed to provide reliability and security.

Automatic Daily Backup

Our Cloud Hosting comes with free automatic backups and one click resotre. We take backups daily after 12 AM.

Imunify360 Protection

Get complete website protection when your choose our cloud hosting and business hosting packages.

Easy To Use Control Panel

We provides two industry leading control panel. cPanel comes with all in one solution, where DirectAdmin with cheap hosting.

Transparent Service & Pricing

Confuse about pricing? Our service & price are most competitive and affordable. We believe in full transparency.


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