30 days Free Trial Hosting No Credit Cards

4 Things to be considered before go for free trial hosting

1. You must have a valid domain name. We do not accepts free domains such as .CF, .GA, .ML, .TK etc.

2. You must enter valid address, emails and phone numbers. (We do not share any personal informations to anyone. You do not need to worry about that.)

3. You must verify your email address after login.

4. Update your domain name servers to NS1.3CL.IN and NS2.3CL.IN

We needs this to be done to stop spamming and abousing our server. If you can fulfil all these criteria then click below link and get a trial hosting


No payment

You don't have to pay for get free trials. You don't have to submit any payment details also. You can leave anytime if you don't like our service or you can upgrade within 30 days.

Free Backups and Restore

Save ₹1200/year! Many providers charge huge amount for backups. We are different. We provide free Backups to everyone! Now you don't have to worry about your website files.

Free SSL Certificate

Save ₹1200/year! SSL is very important today. Many provider charge for SSL but we don't. Our SSL is fully free of cost. No renewal! Secure your website with https today.

Free Website Builder

Save ₹900+/year! Drag and Drop Website builder helps you to create your website without coding knowledge. Get free Website Builder with us. There is no limitation of creating pages.

Free AntiSpam Mail Protection

Save ₹900/year. Getting a lot of spam mail in your business mailbox? We use AntiSpam protection and SSL/TLS to all our mail server. Forget about spaming with our mail server!

Fully Cloud Server

Cloud Hosting is next generation web hosting. With Cloud Hosting you will get amazing web experience. Cloud Hosting is 10x faster than general hosting. Let's Cloud Today!

Pure SSD Space

General web hosting use HDD which is super slow. But we use pure SSD to all over our server! SSD is 10 times faster than HDD. Websites runs more faster with SSD Disks.

30 Days Free Trial

Don't believe us? Well, try our service 30 days for free! You don't have to enter payment details. If you don't like us you can leave anytime you want. There is nothing to lose.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We provide 30 days money back guarantee to all customers. If you don't satisfied with our service, you can claim your money within 30 days and we will refund you without any question.

Cloud Hosting FAQs

Q. Can I host my own domain in free trial?

Ans: Yes. You can host your own .com or any domain with our free trial hosting package. Change your name servers to ns1.24x7cloudhost.com and ns2.24x7cloudhost.com . That’s all. 

Q. What is in Your Free Trial Hosting Features?

Ans: We provide 1000MB SSD (Cloud) Space, 5000MB Bandwidth, 2 MySQL Databases, 5 Email IDs, 2 Subdomains and many more. Check our Features.

Q. Can I install any apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc?

Ans: Yes. We have more than 300+ Apps to install. You can install those apps through your cPanel. There is no limit of installing apps, but we hope you will not spam. Thank You.

Q. Do you Offer Free Website Builder?

Ans: Yes. We provide Site Builder Pro for all our customers. You can create your website with Drag and Drop facilities. No coding Skill Needed. You can easily Access our free Website builder from your Cpanel.

Q. How many days you offer as free trial?

Ans: We offer 30 days for free trial. It is good to understand our features, services, products. If you like us then upgrade to premium hosting, or if you don’t like our service then you can leave anytime.

Q. What happen if I don’t upgrade?

Ans: If you don’t upgrade your account will terminate automatically after 30 days. You’ll lost all your data. To avoiding this, please upgrade before trial ends.

Q. Do I need to enter my Credit Card details for Free Trial?

Ans: Absolutely not. You don’t have to enter any payment cards to sign up for free.

Q. Do you accept Free Domains like .TK, .CU.CC, .CF, .GA etc?

Ans: No. Actually we are not accept free domains. You must spend some money and buy any domain from us or from any others. We believe if you spend some money, your work efficiency will be more on your website.